Always rushin

I visited a new beach.

It’s right along Scenic Drive, the road we take nearly every day on our way to Trinidad.

But it’s below quite a high cliff, down from the road, and getting to it takes more agility than I can usually muster. Plus, Ross & Ryan cannot get to it, so Robyn has to deal with both boys if I’m down on the beach.

We’ve looked at it from above, day after day, and yearned to see the ocean views from its vantage points.

Its rocks generate some fabulous spray, and there are several sea stacks that fascinate…one has trees on top where we’ve seen Bald Eagles and a Peregrine Falcon.

This was the day…I felt agile, and wanted to explore a new vista.

So Robyn dropped me off and went driving with R&R.

It’s a different world, down here at ocean level, right up against the edge where water pours onto the land every 14 seconds. Right here where rocks the size of trucks fell from the hillside behind me years ago, and now they interrupt the water’s flow.

The water keeps trying.DSC_8886

Morning takes off

There comes a point where you finally have to declare the morning’s arrival finished…and the day has begun.

It’s only about 25 minutes after sunrise, and there are still over 4 hours before noon.

But…it no longer looks like the sleepy morning…it looks like daytime.

Morning has gone…let’s get on with the day!DSC_8845

Morning arrives

Morning light on the Pacific coastline might come from the east, but morning weather is more likely to arrive from the west.

That vast expanse of ocean is constantly working. Our clue is that the waves pound night and day.

Either the temperature of the water, its humidity, or the breezes that pass over it…or all three at once…will create something to send onto land for the day.

And because there are no mountains to interrupt the flow of a high- or low-pressure system, the ocean might well just pass along something big from a long ways away.

The weather is a constant surprise.

The 15-day forecast might say it will be clear for the next 5 days, followed by 8 days of rain. And the next day it will show intermittent rain for the next week!

Look at how this day seems to shape up.

Here it comes.DSC_8847

Morning warms up

Just minutes after sunrise, the western sky really picked up color…and spread it around. The reflections in the scene added so much!

The sun was beginning to shine through some breaks in the clouds and illuminate our view of the western horizon.

It was just 15 minutes after sunrise, and it was already looking like a good day.DSC_8836

As morning breaks

The sun had officially risen, but here on the ground not much had changed…because the sun still had to clear a hill close behind us.

Ahhh, but a lot had changed for the camera!

The exposure was now 1/8th second, the sky was much, much lighter and picking up some color, and detail in nearby shadows was wonderful.

And we could see the coming waves even before hearing them!DSC_8832


Still trying to break

The sun was still not up, and the camera required 15 seconds to make this exposure.

But the light had changed, and the scene had changed.

Slightly more color, more detail in the shadows, and I could now see a distant flock of sea gulls that could be heard above the roar of the surf.

The sand in front of the camera was wet from waves washing in and out…I had to keep taking the tripod back to higher ground, then run back to set up and shoot before another wave!

The ocean is to the right in the distance.

The soft and dull tones from the left and across the frame to the right behind the large rock are actually a river rolling into the ocean.DSC_8811

Before morning breaks

There’s light before sunrise, but it almost takes a camera to see it.

I set up on Moonstone Beach 25 minutes before the sun rose, and needed a flashlight to get there.

The biggest problem was getting the camera focused…had to do it manually. Set it for a 20-second exposure. Guessed at what the image would be.

Here’s what the camera recorded:DSC_8800

Sneaking across the border

When we leave the California North Coast in a month to return to Dayton, we’re heading north to attend a wedding.

We’ll have to stop a couple times as we go…it’s the Oregon coast for goodness sake!

That seemed enough excuse to make a brief run across the border and check out some RV parks.

Brookings is a great town we’ve visited several times before, and we love its shoreline near sunset.

Here’s a clue why:DSC_8510