It’s not enough to see a lovely sunset developing as you reach for your camera.

You need a good anchor for a good shot.

Ohhh, rocks on the beach!DSC_7988

Okay, but reflections on the beach and the rocks themselves have kind of become the picture.

Which is fine…it’s a lovely scene, no?

But if your interest is the sunset itself, we need to simplify the scene.

Moving closer to the rocks will shorten the foreground…less beach run-up and fewer rocks.

Oh sure, easy for you to say…notice that wave coming toward us? Notice how shiny the sand is right in front of us? The waves have been coming clear up past this vantage point, so moving closer sounds like an invite to a bath….

But if you really want that closer, simpler scene…there seems to be a low rock at the end of the big rocks where you could stand….

You know, like this.DSC_7997

4 thoughts on “Choices

    • Haaaaa! That’s why I always wear shorts & sandals, Trudy! In fact, about 2 minutes after taking the shot by standing on the rock, a wave came in that put the rock under about 8 inches of water…probably 3 feet higher than the whole time we were there!

    • Love my longest lens….

      But for so many landscapes I love what my 20mm does for the scope & scale…and depth of field! Gotta have a long one to see those eagle eyes….

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