Big waves & spray in Trinidad

We often show you photos taken at Moonstone Beach.

We usually stop there on our way to Trinidad beach, and then we take a scenic drive along the coast to Trinidad on a road called…Scenic Drive.

It’s several miles long, and in several places is only a single lane wide because the hillsides above and below are too steep and unstable to support more width.

At this time of year…with rain nearly every day…there are numerous little landslides along the drive, and we wonder what we’ll encounter each time we start the drive.

The steep hillside offers only a few rugged opportunities to get down to water level, and only a couple small beaches occur at low tide.

On this day, the weather service cautioned about large swells at high tide.

We found those large swells were curling and breaking well out from land, and were creating quite a haze over Trinidad Bay from the mist.

From Scenic Drive, we managed a few photos through the mist when the afternoon sun managed to peek through the clouds.DSC_7962



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