A parting shot

We stayed with the elephant seals until very nearly sunset, and realized with a start that we had forgotten about the rest of the peninsula!

We at least had to make sure Jared caught a glimpse of the lighthouse.

This lighthouse was established 300 feet below the crest of land, because fogs were frequent here and they were historically high off the water. It made for a greater effort to operate this unit, because the staff lived on the crest but had to walk down the lengthy staircase you see in order to do their work.

An extra challenge was high winds. It was sometimes the case that the lightkeeper encountered wind so strong, it was necessary for him to crawl up the steps on his hands and knees! The highest recorded wind speed has been 133 mph.

We were probably lucky it was so late in the day…there was a locked gate that prevented us from walking down the steps!DSC_7766

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