And some are small & beautiful

Lest you think the only animals on Point Reyes are elephant seals….

Right where the dozen bulls were bellowing and sparring, a cluster of these sweet little shore birds were pursuing their life’s work…finding and eating small crustaceans in the sand while running back and forth with the waves.

They knew just when to jump and when to pounce.DSC_7693



2 thoughts on “And some are small & beautiful

  1. The Point Reyes lighthouse was one of the coldest on the coast. It was also the site for the filming of “The Fog” and just to the north Bodega Bay home to “The Birds”. I had a chicken dinner in an upscale restaurant that took the place of the bar that was in the movie. Had a large seagull perch on a dock post and watched me eat dinner! What great flashback. The restaurant has a museum and store dedicated to the movie. Happy Trails…TC

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