Some old, some new

So we spent one day around the city, why not spend our second day before Jared flies out around the coast and nature?

How about Point Reyes?

Did you know there’s a beach near the end of the Point that is usually shelter for elephant seals?DSC_7294

Those two small, dark ones are pups…the momma doing all the gloating is still excited from the morning’s birth of hers! That big one to the right is probably the proud papa.

There were probably 70 on this beach, with about 20 of them this year’s pups.

The gawking tourists are so numerous this time year at Point Reyes, they close down the road to the Point and make everyone ride in massive tour buses! Several knowledgeable wildlife experts were present at this overlook with their spotting scopes.

Just as we were about to leave, the same mother had a touching interaction with her newborn:DSC_7308

2 thoughts on “Some old, some new

  1. Great timing! How exciting and thanks for letting us in on the big event! Do they usually have two at a time? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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