The end to a great day

We managed to tear ourselves away from the Presidio in order to head over toward Fisherman’s Wharf to get a bite of early dinner.

Whew, this is trafficus maximus!

Robyn wanted to save us all from the effort to include Ross & Ryan in a restaurant in such a crowd, and offered to stay in the car with them while Jared and I ate somewhere.

The traffic was so bad, we ended up doing kind of a Chinese fire drill at a stop light: Jared and I jumped out of the front doors and walked away, and Robyn climbed forward into the driver’s seat!

She ended up parked a 100 yards from Pier 39 in a pull-out marked for tour buses!

Jared and I headed to a highly rated seafood restaurant on Pier 39, were promptly seated and served an excellent meal…with a view of the setting sun.

On our way back to the car, we stopped for a lovely round loaf of Boudin sourdough bread…a custom Robyn began 45 years ago when she was a student in nearby Angwin.

The traffic had calmed somewhat, and we headed over to Ghirardelli Square. A curb parking spot opened up directly in front of Ghirardelli Chocolate On-the-Go, a great little shop that has a somewhat limited menu and only outdoor seating…and no line to order!

Oh my….chocolate heaven!

How can you top a day like that?

Ummm, our hotel is north…across…well, you know….DSC_7285

7 thoughts on “The end to a great day

  1. Stunning photo – award worthy! The light on the bridge is just beautiful. I’m impressed with Robyn jumping in the driver’s seat while you hopped out – that would have been a great photo too.

    • We were first in line at the traffic light…it must’ve caught the attention of several drivers! Thank you for such kind praise, Judy…so nice to share our travels with you!

  2. Either you liked my suggestions or your mind ran in the same directions anyway–though I could do without the seafood restaurant. Yes, traffic is horrendous and very slow there. But it sounds as if you had a great day and made lots of memories.

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