The gate to everything

Soooo, we slept on the north side of town. We had two days to play around San Francisco. Where to go?

Jared’s only been in San Francisco twice: when he was 7, and he sort of remembers the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, and last year when his flight up the coast to us was cancelled due to fog so he had to rent a car and leave town at dusk during rush hour.

He doesn’t know much about San Francisco. Even less about the surrounding area. How to give him the overview.

How about Battery Spencer?DSC_7154


4 thoughts on “The gate to everything

  1. In a recent tour of San Fran stayed at KOA north of the city, they have a daily tour through Chinatown, the painted ladies, the golden gate park, and museum gardens. Nice trip at low cost. I spent a week there while in the service in 1963 rode the cable cars all day for 50 cents. Now $6.00 for one block! City has changed. Restaurants near fisherman’s wharf are reasonable for lunch, outrageous thereafter. FYI.TC

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