Alone on the hill

Jared and I managed to traverse that field of boulders back to the car…before darkness made it a deadly act.

As we drove back up to city-level, I realized we finally had the perfect setting for the tree I have come to call The Lone Sentinel. It stands beside the driveway down to the rocky peninsula where Jared and I had been shooting. Robyn and I visit that point every time we come to Crescent City, and we pass this tree on the way down and on the way up.

I’ve wanted to make a picture with this tree for three years now, but have never come across it at the right time.

Until now.DSC_7097

It was now actually so dark that we had trouble seeing the ocean, but there was still that gorgeous band of color at the horizon….

We drove up the shoreline to another favorite spot. I’ve shot lovely backlit waves here as they curl and spray on their way to shore, I’ve captured glorious golden sunset reflections off the ridged rock that covers much of the beach that is exposed at low tide.

Tonight, we had so little light that it took a 13 second exposure to catch this image. It actually looks lighter than the Lone Sentinel, but you’ll notice it has lots of stars in the sky…the camera shows that glow at the horizon and the reflection on the waves as much lighter than the eye can see.

We could go home after this one….DSC_7110

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