Let’s rock!

By the time Jared and I ate lunch and scouted the shoreline in Crescent City….

Well, let’s just say we managed to avoid shooting during all that bright sunshine….

Ahhhh, but that was the plan all along…this town has some of the most interesting shoreline for a hundred miles in either direction, and it sings its best songs by the golden rays of the setting sun!

Jared’s a bad influence on me…or maybe I’m bad for him. We drove down to a small peninsula that allows us to park at water-level and shoot shoreline in three directions…and Jared chose the end straight out, closest to the largest crashing waves.

As it turned out, we were not really at risk from waves, because the tide was going out and the waves were actually getting less. But we had to walk across about 300 feet of huge jagged boulders to get into shooting position, and then we had to balance on ridges that sometimes contained slippery marine growth!

But we got the shot….DSC_6931

There was certainly a lot going on around this peninsula. Along the right edge, there appeared to be almost a blow-hole in the surf. At this point in the tide’s progression, it seemed to mostly suck in water without much blow-back, but it sure created a surge that got my attention!DSC_6998

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