A face only a mother…

As we neared the last day Jared would spend with us before heading down to San Francisco to fly home, I wanted a day with clear weather so we could run up the coast to Crescent City.

It’s 75 miles up there, through two different redwood forests, and along the coastline with widely varying terrain.

Bingo…zero rain forecast for his last day!

We gritted our teeth and blew past Trinidad, Orick, Wilson Creek, and all of the redwoods….

We left so late that by the time we got to town, it was time to eat lunch! First, we stopped for a minute on the edge of town to check out the marina where sea lions often hang out.

Good move!DSC_6813

They were on this floating dock, closer to the public pier than I’ve ever seen them!

I was amused by the casual camaraderie shown here. Besides all the nose-to-nose, and nose-resting-on-shoulder placements, there are the two lifted flippers. Notice on the right edge, at the back, there’s a youngster with its head resting on the body of the right-hand adult…who has his flipper cradling the youngster’s head! (If you can’t get this photo to enlarge by clicking on it, Windows machines will enlarge the whole page by holding Ctrl and clicking the + key several times; you return to the normal size by holding Ctrl and clicking zero.)

This appears to be a bunch of males, who get along quite well when it’s not mating season….

The reason for this post’s headline is the final photo below….DSC_6802DSC_6811DSC_6777

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