The end to a beautiful day

This location is where Redwood Creek flows into the Pacific, on the edge of Orick, CA….an area that is considered the entrance to the redwoods.

It may be the largest group of coastal redwoods, but certainly not the only one…Avenue of the Giants is found 85 miles to the south!

This particular spot is one we have visited a couple times, but not explored much because it presents terrific obstacles for Ross & Ryan….a mass of driftwood and the very small creek that crosses this photo at the bottom both have to be crossed in order to enjoy the shoreline in the distance.

Of course, Jared made short work of both….

He’s out beyond the two large rocks at the shoreline.DSC_6458

We wanted to see if we could catch a decent show at sunset for him to enjoy, so waited 30 minutes.

Not bad, eh?DSC_6485

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