Not the same next door

About 15 minutes after I shot the photo in yesterday’s post, I moved about 50 feet to the right and shot the same type of scene.

Quite different result, I think you’ll agree.

Those 15 minutes (20 by the time I set up, fired some test shots, and waited for this splash) found the sun closer to the horizon and more golden.

I also had a problem: the beach didn’t rise as much after the water would hit these rocks…so the waves sometimes ran much farther up past the rocks, and I had to run!

It all added up to more fun for me…I hope you enjoy it as much!DSC_6357

Never the same twice

As a kid, I would go to the shoreline and marvel at the waves, the sand, and the vast expanse of water.

I still do.

But our experience with this ocean shoreline has taught me to pause…to really look at the way the waves are forming and breaking offshore, to watch how the waves wash up onto the sand and break around the rocks, to notice how much or how little of the rocks are exposed, to see the colors in the rocks and notice how the sun makes them glisten.

The picture is never the same twice.

I showed you this little pile of rocks just 10 days ago from a slightly different perspective…and the sand was roughly 6 feet higher around it!DSC_6328

We love this North Coast!

What luck…that Robyn’s father lives on the California North Coast!

We visit as much as we can. This time of year the weather right along the coast cools off to the mid-60s during the day. We really enjoy those cooler temps…who needs to sweat?…but we can still run around in shorts and sandals, and just pop on a jacket when we walk along the shore!

Not very crowded either. The nearby towns tend to have locally owned businesses rather than national chains, and almost everyone acts like he or she actually enjoys their job and helping you…it’s often business on a first-name basis!

Much of the ocean shoreline is held in parks…whether local, state, or federal. Many homes are built right on the hillsides that overlook the vast expanse of water. But we can drive for miles without any buildings, just pull-outs for a view, or narrow runs of pavement to sand parking lots at water’s edge.

Probably the strongest pull for us is the shoreline. Just look at this early morning view about 12 miles from our park!DSC_6231

Keep on keepin on

It’s a new week….and the waves just keep on poundin….DSC_6064

That’s Trinidad Bay, and it usually is a smooth surface all the way over to the Head (just above center and to the right).

Instead, it is a boil of foam from breakers, and even the horizon to the left has breakers!

Must’ve been quite a storm way out there somewhere to generate so many days of activity here.

At the end of the week

After a week of remarkable pounding surf, the waves didn’t suddenly stop.

Even after sunset, although their intensity had lessened, their sound was unmistakable.

But there’s something about the image from a still camera…without any sound…that can produce a soothing effect.

Especially if you slow it down…take 10 seconds to record the image…the waves almost disappear…only ghosts of their passing make a record in the camera.


Still waving

We could hear the ocean’s thunder while we were still almost two miles from the shore!

It wasn’t an angry sea, just busy working off the energy it had accumulated from storms way out┬áthere somewhere.

It wasn’t a bright, sunny day, but there was no rain and the clouds weren’t heavy.

But those waves….

I was drawn to this particular scene, because of the white sea gulls lined up on top of the dark rock….it looked like a dark Spartan helmet with a white crest.

The gulls respect the ocean’s actions…they were just waiting for it to get all the bluster out of its system…then they’d return to swooping low over its surface to snatch their food.DSC_5664

Waving on the coast

These waves….we can’t get enough of them!DSC_5328

The waves have changed the contours of the beach at Trinidad since we left in March…that big rock in the middle of the photo used to be two stories high!

Well, it still is, but over a story is buried under sand that moved in from somewhere.

On this day, the light began to soften as we neared sunset, but the waves continued to boom on-shore and against Trinidad Head.DSC_5349

We drove about 10 miles north to see if the post-sunset colors would amount to anything. We found the waves had calmed somewhat, but the sky had gotten a bit louder….DSC_5402