Click and run

Sometimes I feel like paparazzi….

Although many of my photos require a tripod for long exposures, and for others a tripod makes it more convenient for shooting over and over to catch a great splash against a rock or wall. But sometimes you just can’t use a tripod.

For example, to get today’s photo, I wanted to use my widest lens so as to include portions of a large rock with vegetation near its top and a colorful, wonderfully-textured smaller rock next to it, and catch a nice wave splashing against them…all the while including a good expanse of the rough-and-ragged sea and sky.

A wide lens is like the right-hand mirror on your car: “objects are closer than they appear.” You must move in toward anything you want to emphasize…or it will shrink into the background.

The rocks were big…even the small one was about 3 feet tall, so they would draw enough attention.

But the splashing waves were a problem: they would quickly shrink if I stayed back or even stood up.

And who wants to see little waves?

There was just no way to move in and use a tripod…the waves ran up the beach many yards past these rocks.

I had to bend over and hold the camera down by my knees, depend on the auto focus, start shooting as the wave approached, shoot until the last second, then turn and run!

You probably would have gotten a bigger kick out of seeing me try to shoot this scene!

By the way, WordPress has changed the way the blog handles photos, and I seem to have lost the ability to post a photo that will display full screen…or larger…if you click on it. I hope we can return to that, because without it the little fingers of water & foam that splash around these rocks are hard to see, for example.

Click… RUN!DSC_5971

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