We love this North Coast!

What luck…that Robyn’s father lives on the California North Coast!

We visit as much as we can. This time of year the weather right along the coast cools off to the mid-60s during the day. We really enjoy those cooler temps…who needs to sweat?…but we can still run around in shorts and sandals, and just pop on a jacket when we walk along the shore!

Not very crowded either. The nearby towns tend to have locally owned businesses rather than national chains, and almost everyone acts like he or she actually enjoys their job and helping you…it’s often business on a first-name basis!

Much of the ocean shoreline is held in parks…whether local, state, or federal. Many homes are built right on the hillsides that overlook the vast expanse of water. But we can drive for miles without any buildings, just pull-outs for a view, or narrow runs of pavement to sand parking lots at water’s edge.

Probably the strongest pull for us is the shoreline. Just look at this early morning view about 12 miles from our park!DSC_6231

8 thoughts on “We love this North Coast!

  1. The major reason I want my ashes scattered in the Redwood Natl Park north of Eureka. As the mist comes off the sea the coastal redwood’s reach 400 feet into the sky and the shore of the great Pacific Ocean speaks of creation itself. In His Service…T.L. Crowl

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