We’re baaaaack

Traveling is tough when it includes hauling your house….

We make two loops each year, traveling from Dayton to wherever and back. Sometimes we stop along the way a great number of times, other times we almost set land speed records getting from here to there.

The actual traveling is often quite interesting, because we try to go a different route than ever before. But it’s also a lot more daily work, and the brief periods of down-time are usually needed for rest…and calculating tomorrow’s route and what needs to be done along the way.

We fuel the coach almost every day, sometimes run it through a truck wash, sometimes even have some routine maintenance performed, and occasionally need special repairs.

And there’s always things like catching a passing Trader Joe’s, or calling ahead to have a Valentino’s pizza delivered to us at an interstate off-ramp!

We usually park in an RV campground every other night, and dry-camp on alternating nights in a Home Depot or Walmart lot. It all takes advance arrangements.

We came back to Dayton from Yellowstone by a circuitous route that included a run up to our preferred shop for coach work in Bremen, IN because we had a cracked windshield and they have the best guy in the world to replace it the right way!

Dayton was busy…hardly had time to see my brother, and barely got a glimpse of Jared!

Then we were off again. We headed west by way of North Carolina…so Ross and Ryan could spend a few days with Mama Sharon!

A few other stops along the way, and we found ourselves back on the California North Coast. We expect to spend the winter here, very near Robyn’s father and his wife.

And very near this incredible Trinidad Bay!DSC_5046

Our first evening there reminded us of just a couple reasons why we enjoy it so much: the sunsets…and the changing face of the surf from one minute to the next.DSC_5063

8 thoughts on “We’re baaaaack

  1. “OH Dear” !!! Land speed records getting from here to there, that may cause A cracked windshield ?
    We in OHIO are so Glad your doing fine.
    Love M&R

  2. Glad you are back posting again! We are spending a couple of months in Eureka! Maybe we will bump into each other in our daily travels. We have a 35 ft triaxel airstream. Not many of them around. You made the area so inviting that we decided we would give it a try. We left mi in sept and have been all over Ca. Like small town areas the best

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