Ohhhhh baby!

We drove the Mt Evans Scenic Byway outside Denver.

The peak is the 12th highest of 109 in Colorado that are over 10,000 feet.

It’s up there, well above tree line. Rocks for miles.

But look at all the surrounding peaks and valleys.DSC_4980

It’s tempting to say it’s booooring.

However, if you click on the picture, you’ll see an amazing amount of tones and textures. Those clouds made the sun fight for a chance to shine through…and it did. You can see the clouds also delivered life-giving rain.

Just to the left of dead center you can barely see two little lakes, and another to the right of center. There’s a lot of life happening way up here in the rocks.

Even near the summit at 14,271 feet. For example:DSC_4857

Yes, this Mountain Goat nanny and kid showed up just as we parked in a lot near the summit! A ranger told us the nanny is fond of licking de-icer salt off the steps of a nearby lookout. He thought the kid was about four months old.

The kid just watched, and looked beautiful….DSC_4940

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