Old, and colorful

On our way back to Dayton, we’ve stopped for a few days outside Denver.

We heard they have some mountains around here….

Wow, do they ever! We wandered several hundred miles, and it was rare to be driving on the level more than a couple miles…usually up or down.

On the way up at one point, we noticed all the trees kind of dropping off…in favor of these bristlecone pines.DSC_4781

Just another 100 feet above them and there was only rock.

Of course, this time of year it’s the aspen leaves that get all the attention around here.DSC_5004DSC_4988

4 thoughts on “Old, and colorful

  1. Doug..
    My bad.. At Mt Evans you were only about 25 miles from us.. Not sure I could have gotten there to see you but would have givin it a hell of a try.. You must have just missed our snow!
    Sorry we missed you.. We really do live in a beautiful place..

    • Ohhhh Ron, no bad on your part….you had such lovely scenery for us! We were sooo maxed out for time & energy….decided to chase you guys when we come back through Denver!

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