Gotta getta bear

We have constantly stopped, looked, and listened for bears ever since we first visited Teton park.

Very rare to see grizzlies there, we were told, unless you’re hiking some back country.

You saw our picture of the black bear that was brown in Teton.

And you saw our picture of the collared grizzly here in Yellowstone…that was soooo distant it looked to have been taken from the Space Station.

Well, Robyn saw probably the same one twice in a week. She…along with 150 of her closest friends who were parked in the middle of the road…watched as the bear ambled waaaaay over there along the edge of the woods. I wasn’t with her, so no big lens, but it probably wouldn’t have helped.

Ah, but Mother Nature felt kindly toward me, and a week later I was driving along that same road…and had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting a grizzly in my lane! It wasn’t fazed, and ambled up a small bank and back toward me on the other side of my car!DSC_4164

But Mother Nature wasn’t through with me….

Up the road a couple miles, I came upon a veritable parking lot in the roadway…because of a grizzly! Yep, two within minutes of each other. I can die a happy man.DSC_4210

4 thoughts on “Gotta getta bear

  1. Wow! You are one lucky guy to have captured that photo of the grizzly. Your patience paid off. Good for you! Maybe someday you can make some money on your photos. The are amazing! Enjoy… As ever, The Happy Campers, Sharon and Dave

    • Ha, and ha! You’re right about lucky…a photo pro at the 2nd bear said he knows pros who have tried to shoot a bear for two years without success! Making money off photos would take almost all the fun out of it for me! Thank you for the kind words, Sharon, and for traveling along with us!

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