Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

We all got up waaay before sunrise one morning…so we could be ready at Lower Yellowstone Falls to shoot as the sun rose.

I took two shots before sunrise that seemed interesting:DSC_1521DSC_1538

As it turned out, the sun didn’t know of our plans, and was pretty boring when it made its appearance!

Later in the day, however, the sky got interesting, and we came back for another go.

Hard to say which one from the day’s efforts I prefer!DSC_3557

4 thoughts on “Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

  1. Does that make it “bad taste” to like eenie? Taste or not, I like them all, but eenie appeals to me perhaps a tad ahead of the others!!

    • Ahhh, it’s art, Trudy! The second shot is very similar to a very popular poster sold in the Park, but I find it rather bare….others call it simple. The third one keeps the falls too remote….others call it balanced. I’m with you….the first brings the falls close, and the framing keeps it cozy. But….others say it’s busy and cliched!

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