Out and about

There are quite a number of fascinating spots in the miles around Yellowstone, and we managed to visit a couple.

We had a great picnic and hike with Eric, our great friend from clear back in elementary school days…with the object of our efforts being this remarkable Hyalite Falls outside Bozeman.DSC_0961

I thought the jumble of Lower Mesa Falls was more picturesque than the larger, but straight, Upper Mesa Falls.DSC_2563

One day we went out the Yellowstone east entrance road toward Wapiti and Cody, Wyoming. Along the way, we kept thinking we were in the middle of an old western movie, because around every corner was a scene like this:DSC_3185

One late evening as we pulled into our park, the moon was rising over the hill behind our coach. Not a super moon, not an eclipse, but it was sure close and bright!DSC_2900

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