Caught in the middle

This was one of my very first photos when we arrived in Yellowstone. I just liked the scene….where this sweet little evergreen was growing out of a rock in the middle of the Madison River.DSC_0530

I wanted to call the post “Grow where you’re planted”, but I couldn’t find other scenes to match the theme.

But then it became clear it needed to appear with these next two pictures under today’s title.

Robyn and I call this next rock “The Ballerina”, because we can see a lady en pointe in a tutu.DSC_1913

The tension in these next rocks is palpable from the bank of the Yellowstone River…when will the small rock succumb to the pressure? An even more pressing question: how in the world did it land in such a position?DSC_2158

This last picture barely qualifies to be included in this post…I just like scene! Click it to fill your screen…there’s sooo much going on….DSC_0726

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