Bighorn sheep

We have had good fortune on three occasions to see Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

We were lucky to even notice the first one, because he was high on a cliff immediately above the road after a curve. But eagle-eye Robyn spotted him!DSC_1343

He seemed to be showing off! Once I came back around the corner nearly opposite him, he even looked at me and seemed to pose for a moment!DSC_1374

But the second occasion was much more heart-warming!DSC_1788

Such a little sweetie, in the company of two adult females. The crowd of people who stopped to look initially made the youngster nervous, but he or she (see those horn stubs?…but both genders have horns) eventually grew more comfortable.DSC_1780

Our third encounter was really cool. High on the side of the mountain pass out the east entrance road, we saw two males making their leisure way above the road. When they came to a spot where the cliff came out to the road, they had to come down and traverse some pavement before clambering back up and into the woods.


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