Whoa, slow down

If you felt the earth tremble this morning, it was because Ross & Ryan turned 27!

It was five years ago that we did an extended vacation with them in our van…going from hotel to hotel…to visit this area and Glacier National Park. They were so cooperative, so settled, seemed so comfortable doing all that traveling…that we got the idea they might actually enjoy traveling all the time!

So they gave us the idea…and then they gave us the reason…to travel all the time: they were about to graduate from high school, and no longer would they be occupied five days a week outside of our home. They were about to spend fulltime with us!

We sold our house and furniture, bought the coach, and never looked back on those decisions.

It’s sure been a lot of fun exploring Yellowstone during their birthday month! We took pictures from just one day to show you all the stuff they get into, over, and beside.DSC_4507DSC_4515DSC_4619DSC_4669DSC_4626

12 thoughts on “Whoa, slow down

  1. Happy 27th Ross and Ryan! I will never forget your arrival to MVH NICU and taking CPR classes with your parents. LOVE your adventures and I am glad it’s been a good move for all. LOVE that a Buffalo is just passing you by in the parking lot!

  2. Happy birthday to Ross and Ryan. You two have given them a wonderful life traveling around. They look so happy and healthy! Have you been to Moab yet? We just left there and the scenery was amazing. We are on our way to CA! The Happy Campers…Dave and Sharon Turner

    • Thank you for that, Dave & Sharon! The boys seem to thrive on this lifestyle…and Robyn’s great diet for them! We’ve just missed Moab again…pulled into Golden, CO this evening, on our way back to Dayton.

  3. These are fantastic pictures of two handsome young men! Someday you will get a better idea of the incredible impact your travels, love and dedication have made on both boys…safe travels. Your pictures just take my breath away, cuz

    • Oh thank you, Sharlyn! We’d sure love to know what’s inside those sweet little heads…they show so much affection, and they sure like riding & walking outside! It’s working for us…..

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