The beautiful people of Yellowstone

Some of the wildlife here in Yellowstone behave like, well, animals.

I mean, they eat each other and all….

But some rise above it all and sit around looking beautiful.DSC_4104

It’s true, this one catches fish and eats them raw….

True love shows itself in so many ways. Bison males just pick out a female and follow her around all day, or as we saw this one do: just stay right at her shoulder and nudge her in the direction you want her to go. You can see how pointless it would be for her to dissent…those neck muscles, those horns, and the fact he outweighs her by 100 percent.DSC_2741

This small herd was close to the road, and had created a mile-long traffic jam for those who wanted the latest in selfies. The light color on the lead bull’s coat is the result of his rolling in a dust bath filled with some yellow stone powder.DSC_4323

Finally, the truly beautiful people of this park are the moose. Very scarce during our time here (two months today!). This mother and her calf…and ducks…were in a channel right beside the road!DSC_1202

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