Once in a lifetime

It wasn’t enough that this lunar eclipse would occur with a Super Moon….for us, it would occur with Old Faithful, too!

We planned for days.

Went over to Old Faithful the night before to test views, lenses, and exposures. Lovely 95% moon….DSC_4389

Almost all the plans went out the window last night, however, because of crowds (you’d thought the Pope was visiting!), wind, clouds….and the moon during eclipse is a much different exposure than any other moon!

It arrived already in the midst of eclipse.DSC_4713

And Old Faithful blew its top very near the full eclipse! You’ll notice the stars are slightly oblong….streaked because the exposure of 8 seconds was too long for the lens I was using. Everything’s a compromise….DSC_4749

And then, it was fully eclipsed….DSC_4766

The artifacts with the stars are a puzzlement to me. The exposure was 1 second…fast enough to keep the close moon sharp with this lens, so shouldn’t affect the distant stars.

Ahhhhh, but the real surprise for the evening was the magical change to the sky when this bright Super Moon briefly went dim.

Milky Way! Old Faithful Inn!DSC_4779

8 thoughts on “Once in a lifetime

    • Thanks, Trudy! It was quite the event….and right as the moon showed up, so did a large male bison! He walked right through the middle of the throng…they scattered in a rush…and he walked inside the ring for Old Faithful & plopped down!

  1. “OH BOY” I would have loved to see that = the large male bison in the middle of the ring..

    We are so enjoying your Posts, not gonna like it when Ya leave, but we know the reason Why
    ❤ ❤

  2. We were there, too! I knew there would be thousands of photos taken and hopefully posted. I only got one good one of the eruption and am trying to paint it! (An emotional response to truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience) Your photos are wonderful!

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