…but wait, even more Tetons

Right in the middle of Grand Teton National Park is a little settlement named Moose.

It contains the park headquarters, a number of dwellings for park employees, several commercial buildings for restaurants, grocery, outdoor equipment, and souvenirs. There also are some private dwellings for those who have holdings inside the park.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

Unless someone has spotted a moose….in which case, the traffic jam might prevent you from even passing through.

It’s aptly named, because moose are frequent visitors to the small area encompassed by the settlement.

As we drove through on our one-day visit, we noticed several cars poorly parked in a service drive, and people moving quickly toward a spot near some trees.


Big female. Wait….and a baby!DSC_3919

Wait, wait, wait….nooooo, TWINS!

They were this season’s youngsters, and they paid attention to mom and kept close to her.DSC_3962

If only we could get all three to turn this way at the same time….DSC_3944

What a great visit we had to the Tetons! I’m thinking we’ll be back….DSC_3874

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