We interrupt for a message from Teton

“Hello, this is Grand Teton National Park. We are experiencing Fall colors and weather….just in case you are interested.”DSC_3771

We heard colors and snow had come to the Tetons, so we had to run down for a look.

Whaddya think…maybe?

Ah, but those aren’t the Teton mountains…these are the Tetons:DSC_3779

The snow’s limited to the mountain tops, it’s true, and they seem to be shrouded in clouds. But that’s pretty good snow that peeks through now and again.DSC_3790

Now here’s a special present we were given…just because we made the long trek to admire the Teton beauty one more time this year: iridescent clouds!DSC_4049

Those colors in the upper left occur in very thin clouds that have very tiny water droplets. Because this iridescence usually occurs near the sun and the colors are pastel, the condition is often missed. In this instance, the colors were as vivid as you see here, the effect was remarkably widespread, and most of the rest of the scene was backlit and therefore quite dark. What a gift!

Ahhhh, but it’s not called GRAND Teton for nothing. The show wasn’t finished.DSC_4065

8 thoughts on “We interrupt for a message from Teton

    • Oh baby, you got that right…it’s a no-brainer gamble about finding beauty at the Tetons! And yep, Big Taxi does all the heavy lifting while Lil Taxi runs around seeing all the sights….

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