As much as we talk about the fields and forests of Yellowstone, the water that flows from it and through it can be pretty amazing.

Well, both.

We showed you amazing water just yesterday…those hot springs, both tiny and huge, that create massive mounds of calcium and promote the growth of colorful algae.

Here’s just a couple examples of pretty. These are not waterfalls, they’re just rapids…and I like them better than waterfalls, because they drop, swerve, drop some more, pool, pour, spray, and drop some more!DSC_0732


In this next scene, I liked the way the water poured over the edge in one spot and splashed up in the air almost as high as it had fallen!DSC_2029

Every road in the park follows a river sooner or later. On our way out every evening, there’s the Madison River to reflect the sunset, and several times we’ve had the moon rising over our shoulders.DSC_2675

2 thoughts on “Rápido

  1. I do hope you are going to publish a collection of the photos you are taking! It would surely be a challenge to make choices. Love them. Keep sharing. Getting chilly out there, right? Time to head south?

    • Ahhhh, electronic publishing, Trudy! I think you’re looking at it….

      Chill chill chilly, alright….into high 20s at night! But sunny and 60s each day…

      Gonna move end of this month.

      I really appreciate you generous compliments, Trudy. It’s great to have you traveling with us!

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