First things first

Our move to Yellowstone was such a short distance, that we arrived and set up in our new campground with several hours left in the day to go exploring!

Yellowstone! Where to begin?

Full moon rising! Quick, which lens to use?DSC_0370

Ah yes, the long one…to bring the moon into the scene in a bigger way.

Wait, there’s a lot of beauty right here…use the wide one to show it all!DSC_0426

Yep, love that lens…so much drama.

Still, bringing that big moon into the scene…especially now that the sky is darkening and coloring up so nicely…really calls for something longer.DSC_0443

Hey, Yellowstone is more than fields and forests…how about the Yellowstone River for a foreground? Quick, up the road while the moon is still low….DSC_0454

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