Further on up the road

Did you know Yellowstone National Park is only 10 miles past the northern edge of Grand Teton National Park?

What luck!

We’ve moved the coach, we’re only 14 miles from the western entrance to Yellowstone, and we’re here for a month!

Everyone asks if we’ve seen Old Faithful. Yep.DSC_0744

What about Lower Yellowstone Falls? Yep.DSC_0646

Of course, the vast fields & hills & steam vents…DSC_0758

And a sunset like only Yellowstone can make…DSC_0766

3 thoughts on “Further on up the road

  1. Beautiful pics as always. I missed Yellowstone this past summer because my final biking day was at the Grand Tetons Lodge. The rest of the bikers rode on north into Yellowstone the next day, and all was fine for them until the road got so busy with tourists that they all packed their bikes onto the van, hopped in, and drove to Old Faithful. In a sense, I was glad I ended when i did. Remembering the Grand Tetons and Jenny Lake was a better way to remember my trip than being crowded off the road in late June by the throngs of vehicles heading into Yellowstone. You guys are there at a MUCH better time of year! Enjoy your month. We look forward to your photos and stories.

  2. Enjoy yourselves! I developed a love for soaking in hot water when we stayed at the campground by the west entrance to the park. There is a hot spring there right next to the Gibbon River. Across the river was an Elk herd and Sandhill Cranes. We also had to stay a day longer than planned because snow closed the roads that Labor Day.

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