Another Teton icon

Schwabachers Landing is the setting for one of the ultimate money shots of the Tetons.

I’ve seen more posters and online photos by professionals from one spot there than any other spot in the park except Moulton Ranch barn.

It’s out of the way, a bit of a hike from the last parking lot, and a very unassuming setting. It’s along one of the Snake River channels through this area, right where a beaver has created a nice pond with its dam.

You must shoot in the morning for it to count. Sunrise often produces the best color highlights on the peaks.

The exact camera placement is tough, because a tree grows almost precisely where the camera needs to be…and its branches can reach into the scene.

There also are some clumps of water grass that might interfere with a really clean shot.

Ultimately, it depends upon what exactly you find when you’re there, and exactly what you want.

I like both images below. The camera was moved slightly from one to the next. These images were taken only 4 minutes apart!DSC_0154DSC_0158

10 thoughts on “Another Teton icon

  1. Ya got it Driver… Almost the perfect spot, “OH, and it don’t take long fer the ole sun to peek over that hill behind you. ( Got me Smiling ) 🙂

  2. Is that because the sun came up that much more in 4 minutes or because you changed camera settings? Anyway, they’re both gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Madeline! Just the additional height of the sun changed the color of the light…and directly illuminated the greenery across the pond from me. Very different moods, I think.

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