Up, up, and away

We heard there would be a “balloon glow” one evening in Driggs, a town on the west side of the Tetons.

Great excuse to cross the mountains and see the backside of these huge rocks!

They don’t run roads across the highest, toughest portions of mountain ranges, so the scenery wasn’t all that great.

HA, wait just a minute. We pulled off at a tiny spot near the top, where a small stream had cut a small path through the rocks and trees. We fed and watered the boys…and then took a look around.

Scenery wasn’t so bad after all.DSC_9936

Balloon glows occur at sundown, with the balloons tethered to the ground. Their burners are lit in frequent small bursts so you can see the whole balloon glow against the dark sky.

We arrived in late afternoon…just in time to see several balloons being taken down! Hmmm, winds were a little higher than they were comfortable flying.

Ahhh, but one was still up…and they were trying to glow!DSC_8374-2

Right after this picture, they started taking it down, because it was trying to blow away!

Never got dark enough to do a proper glow…and there was only this one standing.

Just have to wait for Albuquerque….

Not so fast…the evening sky put on its own glow as we drove home.DSC_8416-2

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