You’re such an animal

We’ve had weeks to explore the Teton landscape, and along the way we’ve run across pretty much every one of its many types of denizens.

We chose to take photos of the more noteworthy furry and feathered ones.DSC_9498

The buffalo (American Bison) get a lot of attention. When this one fixed his gaze on me, I decided to back up…

We’ve seen more coyotes after dark than during the day. This was our only daytime encounter.DSC_9381

This eagle was a favorite of ours. He sat at the top of this tree at a key curve in the Snake River on our daily drive. He was there rain or shine, day or night!DSC_9146

This moose was determined to get through this pond, and just powered through the water and weeds like he was on high ground…look at those leg muscles!DSC_8041

We asked and asked where bear were being spotted. We visited those areas repeatedly…early and late. There was even a temporary road sign warning drivers of a mother bear and cubs in the next 5 miles.

But nooooo, we didn’t see a bear.

Until this one…with her cub! She had the cub hidden up a tree, and I just couldn’t get a clear shot of it. Despite appearances, she is a black bear.DSC_9343

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