Along the way

Our lengthy drive into Teton park each day not only passes through a canyon with the Snake River, it rolls past the most interesting barn.

You understand, this is Jackson Hole country, so 9 out of every 10 buildings are built of wood…and most are logs…and I know, barns are usually built of wood.

But this one is more than wood…it has a design and a finish that speaks of love for the wood, care for the wood, and pride in the wood.DSC_0045

It’s the first thing we see as we catch the edge of Jackson…and the last thing on the way out of town.

What a feast for the eyes!DSC_0049

We stopped for a minute and talked with the owner and one of his daughters, as they did a little work on another out-building and finished up chores for the horses they own and a couple they board.

Yes, it’s new, but there are many, many new houses that don’t look to be so lovingly and proudly crafted.

And the horses know it, too…you can see it in their eyes!DSC_0074

Well, that may have been the setting sun….DSC_0087

5 thoughts on “Along the way

  1. Beautiful building! I love to be able to do that. There are carpenters on both sides of my family. I love to see what they have built or crafted.

  2. “OH MY” Better as we go along – Wish we could instead of Following ( Just Kiddin’ )
    Keep up the great work Guys…

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