Further reflections

As I said, Teton park gives soooo many different opportunities for beautiful, delightful scenery.

Just yards from the photos in the previous post, there are some truly lovely scenes available.

I don’t think you see them in the popular photos because they focus on mountains away from the center few peaks.

Sooooo, ya think we should ignore them?DSC_8468-2DSC_0182

6 thoughts on “Further reflections

  1. I just LOVE these pictures, and it makes me so sad that we aren’t going there again in 3 weeks, breaking our 12-year tradition. I have spent hours sitting a Showalter’s, watching beavers, reading, just looking at the Grand. Have walked out to the Snake and along the meandering ‘fingers’ of the river that cover the riverbed ‘valley’ like a web. My niece, Grace, and I were ‘adventuring’ with some free-range hiking from Showalter’s towards the Snake and a little north and came to some of the ‘river-webs’ we had to remove our shoes to cross. At one spot we waded across and were just sitting down to put hiking boots back on when we heard a noise in the scrub and trees behind us and there about 10 feet away from us a large bison got up from a nap we had apparently interrupted. Hadn’t seen her sleeping in the shade of the tree, or ruminating, and we were startled to say the least. By the time we got to our feet the pictures I got were of its backside walking away, but they look like telephoto pictures taken without a lens…very close! Our hearts were beating and Auntie Shar was sending up some prayers…but it was a wonderful memory. We stood in awe watching this beast calmly plod away from us…I LOVE the Tetons and your pictures are some of the view that due this sacred place justice. How I love them all…I want to come take photography lessons from you, but have gotten to lazy to lug the gear around. Two camera cases sit on shelves, and I use my iPhone. LAZY. Dan is the serious photographer…. blessings to you for sharing this place

    • Ohhhh myyyy, what wonderous memories you have of this place! Thank you for the kind words…the pictures are rewarding to me, but the joy others have when looking at them makes it even better! Keep watching…we have more to come…and I’ve saved a couple gems!

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