Our time in the Tetons is nearing an end.

What a marvelous, rewarding portion of God’s landscape this is!

Seemingly endless variety of scenery…not only because of the physical differences, but because the light and the weather create different looks for the same spot.

Down on Schwabachers Landing, there are two parking lots that lead to two quite different landscapes.

This one is close to what many consider a “money shot” spot. I’ll take you to that one later.

Here, we stand beside one calm portion of the Snake River, calm because it has several beaver dams….that’s an active beaver home at the right edge of the photo.DSC_8448-2

Lovely morning for a photo, don’t you think?

Ahhhh, but the water wasn’t totally calm….

Okay, so wait 20 minutes.DSC_8472-2

Ohhh, but those silly clouds have covered so much of the mountains….

Come back the next morning a couple hours earlier…7am to be exact, after a 90-minute drive from the coach….

Yessss, the earlier morning light on the scene now emphasizes the mountains (if only the water was perfectly still…..).DSC_0181

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I love these pictures. It is amazing the detail you can see when you click on the picture. Beaver Dam and Reflections and all! Thank You!

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