Think I’ll have a soda

One of our forays into the surrounding countryside found us in the town of Soda Springs, Idaho.

It really does have bubbling springs that put out sparkling water, which has been true since Indians roamed the countryside.

The town no longer finds much commercial use for them, and has pegged its fortunes on two other more dramatic occurrences in town.

One, a geyser that was accidentally created when the town was drilling an exploratory well in hopes they could find a hot spring. Turns out this thing was so big, it nearly drowned the town for a couple weeks, until they managed to cap it.

They found it could be opened for a few minutes each hour, and it would blow just as big every time.

That was almost a hundred years ago, and it’s still true today!DSC_8814

It’s the world’s only captive (controlled by valve) geyser.

By the way, close call getting that shot….the geyser only blows once each hour, and rain began moments before the appointed time…click for the picture to fill your screen, and you can see the raindrops in the upper right area with the dark clouds….

The major employer in town is Monsanto. We stopped by their plant to see what we could see. Lovely flowers out front, with mondo buckets the back-drop for the display.DSC_8868

Turns out those monsters play a crucial role at this plant. They cook phosphate ore that has been dug in a nearby open pit. Those buckets haul a lava-like by-product out of the plant to a mound that has been created over the years.

We saw them dumping a load….DSC_8928

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