Teton icons

The park has several iconic photo scenes, and I’ve wanted to visit the place for several years so I could have a go at them.

Schwabachers Landing in several spots for mountain reflections, Snake River Overlook for a classic shot undertaken by none other than Ansel Adams in 1942, but perhaps most striking is the Moulton Ranch barn with the Tetons for background.

There are actually two barns that draw photographers. I showed you one of them in the first post for our visit to the park.

That one is less popular, probably because it has other buildings nearby that either limit your shot or intrude on it.

The preferred barn stands alone, has some trees for greenery back from it on either side, and is surrounded by field grass and some wooden fences. It just looks “old west”.

The “money shot” is usually an early morning picture, with the soft color of the rising sun just touching the tips of the mountains behind the barn. Fresh snow doubles the value. Bison standing near the barn makes the value incalculable…especially since it appears there is fencing to prevent them from getting near these days!

I’m not big on sunup photos…because it means I have to wake up and get moving before the sun makes its appearance. In this case, it also meant a 90-minute drive from where our coach was parked to the barn.

Besides, I’ve been quite satisfied with Teton scenery in daylight.

Maybe early morning…not too long after sunrise…would be good enough, you know what I mean?DSC_8446-2

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