River, that is.

We have about a 70 mile drive to get into the Teton park each day, and before you start feeling sorry for us…DSC_9151

We spend most of the drive alongside the Snake River. Here, at the beginning of the canyon, the two mountains come down with their jagged edges to define a pretty placid river.

Maybe you’ve heard it’s quite a stretch of whitewater?

Ahhh, that would be farther along on our drive, where it drops quickly and the mountains start squeezing to subdue its waters…without success.DSC_9225

The photos above are in Wyoming, south of Jackson.

The photos below are in Idaho, on the way to Idaho Falls.DSC_9597DSC_9590

Our contact with the Snake has only gone downstream as far as the heart of downtown Idaho Falls. I was stunned by how they managed to highlight the river’s wild beauty while containing its waters within the city limits.DSC_8501-2

2 thoughts on “SSSSSSSnake

  1. Do they light the falls at night? I remember they did at one time in Spokane but perhaps I have the wrong river!! Better consult my atlas!

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