Oh baby!

The vast fields of Teton park are kind to wild animals…especially mothers with young. There’s plenty of notice for most predators, especially photographers!

Ah, but sometimes you get lucky.

Actually, I’ve found the car to be good camouflage…animals don’t usually run from it…so I shoot from the open window. Or I can get out on the opposite side from the animal and shoot from behind the car.

It also helps to have a good, long lens.

No need to sneak up on bison…they know they own the place…but you’ll need the long lens to keep a safe distance!DSC_9525

Deer are infrequently seen in daylight, but this little sweetie and its mother were close enough to a little side road we were on, that I could shoot from the window.DSC_9907

Pronghorn antelope generally keep their distance, but this pair was on a mission and came near enough to the road that I could snap a shot. I actually kept driving slowly to match their speed in order to get this shot…mother kept herself between the car and her baby!DSC_0346

For this last shot, luck came along and tapped me on the shoulder. We were driving at dusk, and Robyn said “Moose!” I stopped the car, and she said “Over there, going the other way.”

I jumped out of the car, hoping to get a shot through the trees, but realized the animal was on a ridge that disappeared down a hill. Still, I walked back along the road, hoping to get lucky.

Then I heard crashing sounds in the woods…coming from the ridge direction…heading up the hill toward me.

Dusk. Large. Wild. Animal. Coming.

I started to back up toward the car.

Suddenly, she stepped into the fading light and looked right at me. I slowly raised the camera.

She kept moving…and baby came into my viewfinder!


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