Teton color

Big rocky mountains don’t bring to mind much about color…but it’s there.

Ohhhh, it’s there! Gotta look around. 

The early morning sun produces some extra color in what otherwise might be considered drab field grass.DSC_0336

One field on the north side of Antelope Flats Road is always noteworthy.DSC_8114

And down the lane on the way to Schwabachers Landing.DSC_8485-2

Really, color is more than shades from a palette…sometimes it’s the way you stand, or dress, or the jaunty manner about you…like this tree that seems to have endured a lightning bolt…still shoving those branches skyward, even the ones that no longer have life or nice color in them.DSC_9661

Or right up against the mountains, when they’re getting all colorful with dramatic cloud behavior, the ground cover provides soothing color to balance the scene.DSC_8701

Don’t forget, Grand Teton National Park is a big place…and not everything interesting exists within sight of those mountains. The water of Two Ocean Lake wasn’t much of a destination for us, because the area was soooo mosquito infested, but the roadway to get there went up, down, and around past field after field of lovely wildflowers!DSC_9584

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