Those eyes

What a stroke of good luck…we ran across an owl during daylight!DSC_8571

A Great Gray Owl, that occasionally hunts in this same spot, according to a professional photographer who was taking it all in.

I was shocked to see how he hunted from this spot…just dove off the branch almost straight down…and got his prize!DSC_8638DSC_8587

Notice the strand of grass clutched by the mouse even in death…. The owl just flipped the mouse up, caught it in mid-air, and downed it in one gulp!DSC_8617

As he flew to another perch, my photo caught what looked like an antenna streaming down his back. Indeed, not only is this one banded on each leg, it carries a radio transmitter!DSC_8663

Finally, he just sat on the limb…and turned those big eyes on me….DSC_8648

13 thoughts on “Those eyes

  1. Those pics are spectacular as are all of your pictures. I enjoy them immensely!
    We are planning a trip to CA coast this winter. Your last two winters there have inspired us.
    Hope the forest fires settle down by then. Have you been bothered at all by the ash or fire?
    Keep enjoying your journey. The Happy Campers… Sharon and Dave Turner

  2. Doug & Co. These are wildlife prize photos. You may want to contact National Geographic or Audubon for a by-line. Great work. TLC

  3. I see that others have already said what I was going to: These photos are even more amazing than the others you always post. Janet and I marveled over them. Your Tetons photos brought back memories from my one day there in June on my bike trip.

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