Big valley

For our month in the Tetons, we decided to park the coach in a valley to the south rather than right near Jackson.

We wanted to explore more than Grand Teton National Park, and Star Valley would give us more flexibility for day trips.

Ho, ho, we had no idea how lovely the valley itself was!DSC_8267-2

What do you think of the view those people have in the red house?

But it’s more than a big valley. There are lots of farms, with all their colors and shapes:DSC_7945

And we found the interplay between the hills and the valley almost enchanting.DSC_7948

Compelling…you know, like you’d almost want to live here!

Then, the final straw:DSC_8006

6 thoughts on “Big valley

  1. Gorgeous! Grand Teton NP is one of our favorite places. We haven’t been there for several years now; I’d love another Teton fix. I wish I had the courage to hike some of the trails and photograph some more remote spots or different angles, but I have no desire to meet up with a bear.

  2. It amazes me how much detail you can see in each picture when you click on them! Such a close up of the moon!

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