Welcome to the Tetons!

Our only other trip to Grand Teton National Park was for 2 days almost exactly 5 years ago.

That visit was, in fact, one of the reasons we decided to sell our house and live in the Big Taxi…so you know we had to come back!

We planned a number of objectives for our visit:

See those really Grand Tetons….DSC_8482-a


See a moose….DSC_9027


I mean see those really Grand Tetons up close….DSC_8686


For years, I had seen some iconic photos taken in this park, and I wanted to try my hand…and lens…at recreating them. One was a Moulton Ranch barn….DSC_8437-a


Another was using one of several reflecting ponds at Schwabachers Landing to capture a reflection of those Grand Tetons….DSC_8195


Of course, wherever we go, enjoying the local flavor of sunset is a must….DSC_9195


Oh well, might as well move on….

HA, not to worry, we plan to spend every second of an entire month right here…we want to soak up everything about this place!

More snaps to follow….

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Tetons!

  1. This is one of our very favorite places on earth, and you certainly have captured it well. I’m sure a month will be none too long to take in all the various aspects of it.

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