Bye bye, Oregon!

After 5 weeks along the coast of Oregon, we have made the wheels on the bus go round and round…more on that later.

We certainly left with some of the most vibrant and stimulating scenery fresh in our minds!

These photos are all from the last few yards of Cape Arago….we thought seeing them was worth every second of the drive to get there!

I hope you click on each one…to see the amazing details this spot provides everywhere you look at every minute of the day!DSC_7561DSC_7626DSC_7652DSC_7437

Next stop: the Big Taxi has taken us to Grand Teton National Park…for a month! We can’t wait to see everything the place has to show us…and to share it all with you!

5 thoughts on “Bye bye, Oregon!

  1. Still lovin’ your photos Doug and I’m looking forward to seeing how you capture the Tetons. Haven’t been there in years. I can’t imagine an entire month there. Enjoy to the max.

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