In several bays along the peninsula leading to Cape Arago, Oregon, I found trees that demonstrated real commitment to life. I hope you will click on each picture to display some beautiful details.

This little one stood alone at the end of a tall wall that knifed into the bay. The limbs behind it seemed to be reaching out to beckon it back to safety.DSC_7323

This old one showed a keen spirit. Clearly, it’s possible to defy the odds…and defy gravity…and lead a long life. Besides, who wants to stand up straight in a line like everyone else?DSC_7382

Finally, this remarkable tree stood at the end of land and showed the effects of daily battles with winds, rain, and waves. It’s tempting to call it “confused”, but I think “grasping” is more true.DSC_7408

2 thoughts on “Precarious

  1. That first picture is so interesting.  Some of the rock is smooth. Then the other areas have all these holes.  Do you know what kind of stone it is?Flourish where you are planted!Let’s hear it for  long, strong roots on the last one!

    • I don’t understand rocks, Carol, but those you mention were certainly fascinating to me…wait for the next post! Yep, these trees along the shore, and all the aquatic life in the brutal inter-tidal zone leave me in awe! Really appreciate your thoughts…

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