High drama

It might be an exaggeration to describe the coast south of Coos Bay, Oregon as high drama.

It’s true, as we came into town from the north, the scenery was lovely…but not terribly dramatic.DSC_7290

The whole coastline north of Coos Bay for about 15 miles is a massive sand dune. This picture shows the last few yards of it on the edge of Coos Bay.

It’s the shoreline on the southern side of the bay that gets interesting.

At first glance, this picture offers some lovely changes in color of the water, and the scattering of rocks form some fun patterns, and the cloudy blue sky is great…but it’s not high drama.DSC_7460

Ahhhh, but enlarge it.

Notice brown blobs and nearly-white blobs almost everywhere you look?

Seals! Holy cow, hundreds of them! The noise on shore several hundred yards away can be heard with the car windows up!

But it’s when we get out near the end of this peninsula, Capa Arago, that the drama really becomes obvious.DSC_7385

Oh my, what can I say…it’s beautiful! And these shots are just a few…more to come!

Even the sunsets get all complicated…DSC_7441

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