More light, please

We finally moved south from Tillamook…after a month of great tours up and down the coast, and great evening meals numerous times every week at Grandma Barb’s!

We parked for a week in Winchester Bay…actually on a peninsula in the bay, and just blocks from the Umpqua River Lighthouse.DSC_7280

Our most favorite destination from this location was the Coos Bay area. Specifically, the coastline from the south opening of the Bay down to Cape Arago.

There are five separate state parks in about a seven mile span along this route, each more fascinating than the last!

Our first view along this stretch was this one:DSC_7369

See the lighthouse? It’s actually on a small island, and has the charming name “Cape Arago Light.”

The photo spends most of its time showing you the half mile of shoreline between my shooting position and the lighthouse. Wait until you see more of this area of the coast in the coming posts!

The final lighthouse picture for you is from near our second-most favorite spot to visit from our new park in Winchester Bay….north, on the way back from Cape Perpetua. This is actually the same lighthouse that was the first picture in the preceding post: Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Loved the foggy night…DSC_7931

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