Light the way

Along the coast south of Tillamook, we found a number of interesting lighthouses.

Some are pretty, some are stalwart, and some are historic.

Probably all of them are historic, because they date back to a time when much of the navigating by mariners was visual.

These days, electronic signals provide GPS information that is more accurate…and feeds into the navigation systems on today’s boats.

Still, several of these lighthouses continue to provide a beam of light out on the edge of the continental shore.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse beam was live even during the daylight when we passed it.DSC_6970It’s such a classic structure, and even the supporting buildings have been beautifully maintained.

Another classic lighthouse stands at the point of Yaquina Head, the federal “Outstanding Natural Area” we showed you ever so briefly in the previous post.DSC_7043

Interestingly, just a few miles away is the Yaquina Bay lighthouse, looking more like a house than a lighthouse. Its utility was to contain the residence for the keeper of the light within the structure of the light tower…possible because it was located on the edge of town (Newport), safely up high and away from the ocean’s fury.DSC_7130

1 thought on “Light the way

  1. A interesting note, most shore lighthouses along the coast are fairly short as fog wraps the upper reaches most of the time. Heceta head light was a star in the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest. The Tillamook light is one of the “stubby” variety which I referred to. Another example is in California just south of Bodega Bay. The area is famous for two movies. “The Birds” and “John Carpenter’s “The Fog”. Don’t forget to have clam chowder at the Chowder Bowl in Newport Beach, Ore. Best bowl in the US! The Tillamook cheese factory is a fun stop as well. Blessings and happy trails…TLC

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